Hello Everyone

I am Florence Gouvrit, a Media Artist, Creative Coder, Information Visualizer and User Experience Designer. I believe data has to be more human and stories are powerful tools to understand each other's experience.

Artist Portfolio

Media Art Teaching

My work and teaching involve creative coding, designing and prototyping interactive video and sound installations, physical computing and , interfaces as well as story telling through data visualization. As an educator, I value art history, media aesthetics, and critical thinking.

UI/UX Design

For me UX design is look at from the inside, rather than outside. I think interfaces impact our experience of the world, and art is a powerful communication tool.

Media Art

As a media artist, my inspiration comes from discussions in the philosophy of science and technology realm, as well as new media art theories. Concepts like artificiality, virtuality, non-linear, emotions and critical technology have guided my work over the years.

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