Interactive Video-Installation
MAX MSP/Jitter, webcam

“Awake” is a new aesthetic representation and/or interpretation of the common sunrise image, where the brightness of the sun blinds us for a fraction of a second, and the beams shine in small bright flashes. We wake up and adjust our sight to the morning light. But we can achieve the same sensation, the same sun glint through a simple image. The image is manipulated in real time by the presence and movement of the viewer. The more people and movement there is in front of the image, the more the colors, contrast and brightness of image are modified generating a highly active and bright image or a very dimmed pixelated image. We can see that the sunrise sensation comes from the light more than the actual image. The image is not trying to fool us, it is a low resolution 16-bit image with large pixels.

The intention for this piece was to make a work based in color, light and texture as these were some of the qualities present in the pieces in the 'Seis Latinas' show, composed by mostly painting and installation.
Seis Latinas is a collective group of Latin American women artists living in Central Ohio and sharing if not the medium, the language and multi-culturality that is part of our life and work.